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CAI Buying Today


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March 19, 2007
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1997 ford explorer sport

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I'd go with the KKM personally..

Im looking for a louder growl and whichever will give me the best performance...i understand this is only an intake and will prob give me no noticeable performance gain. Thanks for the reply.

no offense to KKm but its just an overpriced maf adapter and high flow air filter, both of which can be had for less than 50 bucks. also why not try this out

this is the one ill be getting as soon as i get paid

Don't forget that you also need to do a custom catback exhaust to really gain performance. The stock exhaust system is very restrictive and therefore swapping in a CAI is somewhat useless unless you add some exhaust work.

Im not really looking to invest to much money into the truck due to the fund budget...i really like the look of the bombs intake system. But the kkm seems to be a better quality filter.

I would strongly recommend the Mac intake.

Good luck ....

i have the volant CAI.i love it! a little pricey,but good.what intake is the first one? the page wont open for me.

that looks like a pretty nice is ok,if it does what you want it to do.let us know when you get it installed how you like it.congrats!

Intake Install Pics









nice job, is that the one you got off ebay? nice and shiny, lol.

yup ebay special 75$. So far i really haven't seen a difference. I'm going to fill my tank up tomorrow and see if it make a difference in mileage.

i think youl notice it makes more noise than anything, but otherwise it does allow your engine to breath in easier. just try not to get on the gas more just so you can hear the growl, lol

It def has more of a growl to thinking about taking my old filter from my g35 and using that cone. Ill take some pics when im done.

I got mine off Ebay similar to that one and got it for $40 + Shipping. Love it. Better than any over priced stuff you can get. And it all does the same job.

It says it does not fit with a body lift, why might that be?

Not really sure why it wouldn't fit with a body lift? Doesnt really make sense. I have to say i just finished up making a bracket to hold the intake in place, i am very happy with the product. I would def recommend it.

I totally agree with you on that. Why pay $300+ for a mac or some other intake when this one looks so nice and has a good filter with it.. X2 on the recommending the Ebay CAI!!!