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Caliper bolts


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April 5, 2010
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03 Sport trac
has anyone else has a problem with the ac delco caliper bolts breaking off in the caliper mount?

I had a feeling I should have reused the old bolts as these ones just looked like weaker steel,but I used the new ones and now im in a pickle until I get get ahold of someone with some more tools to help me drill it out and tap the hole again.

maybe it was just a flawed bolt as things were going fine,very little resistance,I wasnt even using a torque wrench just a socket,which seems strange for it to break with such little pressure.

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I don't know if it was a ACDelco bolt but I have had one break off in the caliper bracket. Huge reason why antiseize is so important.

I'm not sure but it might be easier and cheaper to just get another bracket, new or used.

If you have some of the bolt sticking out you might be able to get a pair of vise grips on it and take a small propane torch (if you don't have a acetolene torch) to heat it up enough to get it out.

ya there is some sticking out so I may try the vice grips and torch, with just the vice grips it didnt work.

Im just shocked i broke the new one putting it in but the old ones came out easy

The new one don't have the same teeth marks to match the threads in the bracket, that's why they usually break. good luck with the torch and let us know how it goes.

no luck,Im going to be picking up a new bracket,but its going to have to wait until next friday because I just started my 6 day stretch of work.