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Caliper pin and bolt


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July 29, 2016
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South Jersey
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2014 Ford Explorer XLT
So I was changing the rear brake pads and rotors in my 2014 Explorer yesterday. When I was putting the bolts that connect the caliper to the caliper pins back in the bolt snapped off in the pin. I had over torqued them. My torque wrench failed me.

Anyway, I went to every part store near me and none of them have them in stock. Reason seems to be because this Ford Explorer has Heavy Duty brakes. (The rear disc is vented). The auto parts stores seem to only have the standard duty ones.

Best I've been able to find for what I need is from Here is a link to them on amazon:

I've only pulled one of the pins out (the one I broke). That one looks like the one at the top top silver colored one) in the photo from the link. However the narrower part of the pin (toward the end far from the bolt) on mine is wrapped in a hard plastic and is ribbed longways. The plastic width part is wide enough it's even with the rest of the metal bolt.

Because of this piece of plastic I'm worried the Carlson one is not an exact match. I'm trying to find this pin on the Ford parts website but I'm struggling. Anyone have a part # or suggestion?

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Here's some pics:



Good job! Glad you were able to solve this problem.