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Call In

Name: Joe
Location: Joliet IL
Vehicle: 2013 Sport

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Mike here, hailing from the severely underrepresented "Land of 10,000 lakes," Minneapolis, MN.
My ladies are a 94 Sport and a 91 Mazda B2200.

Anybody else even remotely close to me? :eek:
Sort of new, and haven't had the chance to go wheeling yet, so I'm somewhat chomping at the bit... :D Gotta wear that green off eventually!

Name: David
Location: Chicago, IL
Vehicle: 2004 Ford Explorer XLT 4WD

Name: Jerry
Location: Bedford, IN
Vehicle: 1994 Explorer XLT 4X4

Planning to have her back on the road last this year or early next year.

Name: Clark
Location: Camby, IN
Vehicle: 02 ST 4wd

Anyone in IN down for a little get together? There are a few of us from the Ranger Station that will be getting together soon.

Name: Tyler
Location: Lake Villa, IL
Vehicle: 1997 XLT 4x4 warrior shackles, TT, 3" BL and 285/75r16 Kumho Road Venture ATs

Also a member of Lake County OHV, new members are always welcome.