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Calling all NC Wheelers!!!!!!!!

I think it was only a short time before they realized, but I'll see if I can get the whole story. ;)

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Where are we heading ExpoNC? URE is open again.

Where are we heading ExpoNC? URE is open again.

Depends on what kind of outing people want. I'm only going to be able to do light wheeling so I'm in for more of a camping trip but as for where as long as I'm away from home is ok with me.

We could do URE but it will be a dust bowl.

We could do the mountains if it's not too far for everyone. The place I like to go is just off I-40 in Morganton, easy to get too. It's in the Linville Gorge and the camp site has a great view but its very primitive camping. Theres lots of winding stone roads to cruise and if anybody wants to do some more serious wheeling there is the Brown Mountain OHV area close by.

Everyone soundoff if its a ya or na on a get together!!!! Where can be figured out when we know who all wants to go.

Linville Gorge is GREAT for camping, I've been there with my buddies a bunch of times.

If I can get my gearbox issue resolved, hopefully I can join you guys on the next outing.

I'm not really able to camp just yet. All my kids are three and under and we (my wife and I) never leave them. So it would have to be a day trip for me. The only reason I mentioned URE is because of the recent fire. I was curious to see what had happened.
How far (Hours) is Linville from here Caleb?

Linville is about 3 hours drive. I was just agreeing with the good camping at Linville, I am unfamiliar with wheeling territory up there. Regardless, I don't think you'd want to keep your youngins in a vehicle for six hours:confused: Not for your blood pressures sake anyways.....

I am all for another URE trip:thumbsup:

:dead: My kids would kill me after 2 hours. I know URE is super dusty right now, but I would just roll the windows up. I'm anxious to see what the fire did.

They close in December. From what the link that Joe posted 13 posts up it is in the Dutch John trail mostley. As dry as it's been, we should be able to run about every trail there. My friend (who called in the fire) said he went up Daniel in his stock Heep on 31's. I think he is a liar but who knows?

I'm in the Archdale/High Point area, and me and my buddies do some very mild 4x4ing. We went down to Uwharrie a couple months ago in my friends Jeep, but other than that just mud when we find places to go. more often than not we just head off to an abandoned construction site and go to won.

Me and a couple guys started "Mud Brothers" to combat the uber rednecks/"good 'ol boys" of Mud Dawg Militia. So if you see the sticker, don't be a stranger. We've got an 01 Ex, 82 K5, 99 Grand Cherokee and a 94 Cherokee thus far.

Holler if you're up for some wheelin, we're almost always game.

We ran Daniel on fourwheelers at night last time we were there, in June maybe? It didn't seem that bad, but I suffered a cut tire and my friend lost his shoe. I'd try it next time I'm up there in the X. I doubt I'll make it before closing this year. We're working on finishing up our house.

Larry! How have you been? I'll go when you are ready. As dry as it's been, it should be cake.

new to NC

just moved to hudson nc would like to go wheeling some time just a stock 94 explorer:exporange

welcome, ive done a little, seems like a lot of fun and would like to get into it more

Hey JL 3x12, 45 mins SW of Asheville? I'm 45 mins SE of Asheville.

Here are a few shots from my pre-harlan shakedown run up daniel this past weekend. Its not as hard as everyone makes it out to be. We had a stock tj on 31s follow us the whole way (obviously not taking the same lines, but he did it nonetheless). He had no problems.






The TJ:







You should have let us know. I would have made plans to go.:(

Joe (rizzjc), and myself are planning a meet and greet. Deatails are on the way and we would like for all of you to chime in with suggestions.

Let's start by coming up with a LOCATION. Somewhere that everyone is willing to travel to. Doesn't even need to be a wheelin' trip. Just to get some folks to meet.

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