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cam bolt size


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November 5, 2005
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Natchez, MS
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98 Mountaineer AWD
Have to find TDC to put in new Cam Syn Gear in 98 Mountie, 5.0 AWD. Stator/Vane completely sheared off, so I have to manually turn engine. All my sockets are too small. Also, can someone tell me where I can find a schematic of the 5.0 engine. Want to see the oil extend tube that fits inside the Cam Sny Gear.

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What is damaged, the cam sensor or the distributor drive shaft? BTW, the socket size for the crank gear should be about 15/16" in size.
TDC is easy to find, pull the #1 spark plug first(passenger side, front). Put a finger over the hole while turning the crank clockwise. When the air pressure pushes your finger out you are nearing TDC. If there is a TDC mark on the balancer and a pointer, keep going until you reach it. If not, place a 3/8" extension in the plug hole(straight in it), and slowly turn the crank until the extension stops coming out. That is where TDC is, and there should be some kind of TDC mark on the crank.

There is a special tool needed to install the cam sensor, you should have that before you try to install the sensor. Good luck,

Thank you for bolt size and tips. I have the correct part now from Dorman. It came with a sensor and alignment tool. I understand market the housing and the stator; but, with my stator gone, I have to find TDC. Will pick up the socket today and report later.

The 15/16" size is my guess, that is the common Ford crank bolt size. Ford has changed a lot of things in the last many years. The SOHC 4.0 V6 I have takes a 19mm socket for the crank, I just did that this week. You might be wise to buy a very small set of sockets which include the normal 1/2" sizes. They would not cost much at Sears. Regards,

Thanks gents. 15/16 shortie; 1/2 to 3/8 converter; ratchet and cheater bar.