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Camber Adjustment Problems.


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August 15, 2001
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Had an alignment performed last week on my 96 V8 Ltd and the camber is maxed out on one side but still failed to bring the numbers into spec. Any ideas as to possible cures?
I have never had any serious damage etc. Just the usual alignment requirments for the cruddy roads in the NE.
Techs always seemed to have a fight with camber. The first one told me to have the adjustment kits installed!

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Did you have the kits installed? If not, that is what it will take to remidy the problem.

It's the kit that's "maxed out" for adjustment. Where do you go once the kit has no slot left?

you get the bolts that are special. there are different sizes of them

after adjusting my own camber about a million times in the last month, i find it hard to believe that they couldnt get it in spec and it has all of the cams in it. is it lifted? is it lowered? if it has the eccentric bolts and cams (4 cams per side) it will either work or something is bent. or, a balljoint is bad. with the eccentric bolts and all of the cams there is a HUGE amount of adjustment there.

The truck is as neither lifted or lowered. All the kits are fitted and the adjustment is maxed on one side. No other problems are obvious. As I stated previously, this side has always caused problems for the tech doing the alignment. The first guy advised having the kits fitted and bringing it back. Took him 2 hours of dinking around to get it aligned. Every other time since it has taken a lot of work to get the numbers correct. My guess is it was poor build quality.

Bumped this to see if an answer has appeared yet!

you're not alone i have the same problem

Mine is lowered 2.25" with eccentric camber kit installed. The alignment shop could do no better than to get it to align -1.3 degree off. One way to get it to 0 degree camber is to raise it back up by .25" or .5" which I will have to do when I get new wheels.

Since yours is in stock height something else must be bent or broken for it to not align properly. Or maybe, for some weird reason, it rolled out of the factory like that. What is the spec on the bad camber? I know you are still within spec eventhough you are off by -1.0 camber.

sagging toirshion bars? just a guess.......

Have you tried another alignment shop?

Torsion bars.. must check that out. This was the second shop and a good friend who did it.
Thanks for the thought.