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Camber Bushings


June 17, 2004
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92 XLT
I have a 92 2WD that needs alignment. The shop showed me a stock camber bushing that had a tab on it that did not allow adjustment, it was set at the factory. They said that they needed to be replaced for alignment to be done. They quoted me $80 for the job and then the charge for alignment. Is this a job that has to be done by the alignment shop or can I replace the bushings and then have it aligned? While researching this I have noticed that there are several different bushing sets that show an adjustment range that varies from 0 degrees on one set to -3 1/2 to +3 1/2 degrees on another. Would it be wise to get the ones with the most adjustment or is this also something that needs to be determined by a specialists? Thanks


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February 9, 1999
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1992 XLT 4x4
You "could" change the bushings out yourself.. Did they tell you how far off you are currently? If so, you can buy the bushing that you need and install it yourself.. IF you get the adjustable one, they will need to adjust it for you.. Also, a 0 degree adjustable isn't adjustable.. and 3 1/2 is the highest adjustable that is available.. (its 3 1/2 degree on a 2wd and if I remember correctly, that is 2 1/2 degree on a 4x4).

There are a bunch of threads on here about camber adjustment.