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Camber issues On rear


December 14, 2012
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fairmont WV
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03 Ford Explorer LTD
ok so i had my 03 v6 limited explorer 2 years now and the rear passenger side wheel always looked like it was sitting a slight different angle to the drivers side rear, now i just had all 4 wheel hubs, bearings brakes rotors shocks and springs changed all round i installed 2" drop with the springs (which obviously affected my rear camber i know) but now the one rear wheel which looked different defiantly looks like it has a much more negative camber than the other side and im a little lost on what might be causing it being that there isn't a lot of adjustment for the rear camber there ? and most of the rear parts are new, i know im going to have to get it all aligned anyway with adjusters because of the new springs but again this one wheel is worrying me because its not like its even a little bit its quit noticeable any ideas guys ?????

Purchase a rear camber adjustment kit from Moog and install. Bring to a shop and have them align. If the camber still exists, confirm all that no parts are worn out. If everything is good, you'll have to live with it. Part of the risk with modifying the suspension is that it throws it beyond what the engineers allowed calibration for. There may be no way around.