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camber shims for a 92 navajo


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September 2, 2011
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I put a 2'' coil spacers on my navajo and need to get the alignment correct. does anyone know where I can purchase camber shims for the upper ball joints. its a 2 wheel drive navajo and after installing the spacers it obiously through the alignment off substantially giving a positive camber. I probaly need to adjust them about 2 degrees but first need to know where I can get them.

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Try a decent parts house: Napa, Car Quest, places like that. MOOG offers an adjuster for the 4wd that has pretty much any caster correction available that you can think of. They might also offer one for the 2wd, or, you might have to get some "bent beams" for it.

Try the "SEARCH" function... it works great!

Your best bet is the 2 piece adjustable shims available from a lot of different manufacturers. I don't remember part numbers but there is a TON of threads about this exact topic.

Avoid Napa for the time being, I have a 94 explorer with 2" coil spacers, just got some bushings from them.... definitely the wrong ones. bushing says it can be used for the 4x2 or 4x4....not so much! Still working on resolving this issue. Try advance auto, they carry moog products.

The camber shims for a 4wd and 2wd are the same But they give you different changes in camber. Iirc its about 1/2 degree less on a 4wd versus a 2wd. There is a post on here with the camber values for spc cams.


I understand that there suppose to be the same, minus the degree change between 2 and 4 wheel.

My issue is that when I added my spacers, I rotated my stock bushings (2 1/2 degree) 180 degrees.hence I went from 2 1/2 degrees positive camber to 2 1/2 degrees negative camber. my allingment was still off by 1/4 degree, so I bought 2 3/4 degree bushings, that are suppose to be adjustable from +2 3/4 to - 2 3/4

When installed the angle is so drastic, the snap ring at the top ball joint won't engage fully. It no longer sits parallel to the top of the bushing.

Hard to explain, I will take a pic tonight.

I just ran into this today, assuming this is what you are seeing..

I have one Ford and one SPC camber cam. The Ford one fits in fine and I can put the snap ring on the top. The Top of the SPC one is hex shaped AND the hex portion is about 1/4" thick. With it in there I can barely see the snap ring groove.

I see 3 options.

1: Shave/grind the top of the axle beam so the cam sits farther down,
2: Shave the bottom of the top/thick portion of the cam so it sits farther down
3: Push the ball joint back out a hair. Its all the way in there, which means its all the way down. If we didn't quite get it that far down it would work.

Out of all those options, only #3 seems somewhat right.

I'm going to call SPC on monday and find out what is their recommendation since its their Camber Cam (I need some 2 degrees ones anyway).


Most of my explorer's didn't have snap rings on the camber bushing honestly. Properly tightened, they shouldn't be required... although I do put the snaps on when they fit. :)

I wonder if the OP got his original camber bushings loose and determined how close he could get to a good alignment?

Other than a hard time getting the old ones out, I had no trouble with the Napa bushings. I went with the 3*, but should have went with the 4*, which were 3 times the cost.

I talked to SPC today about the 2.25/1.8 degree shim (2.25 degree 2wd, 1.8 degree 4wd) and the top snap ring..

The short answer is...
Don't pull the balljoint back out any to make the snap ring groove come above the cam.
Do try to tap the cam in using the old cam. If it won't go down far enough, don't use the snap ring.

The way it was described to me, the snap ring isn't holding the ball joint in. The pinch bolt at the top and the nut on the lower ball joint are what holds it in.

I may look at some other camber cams, but for now, the 23180 series camber/caster cams from SPC have a thick shoulder at the top so you can rotate them but that can cause the snap ring to not fit..

SPC is the only company I found that makes 2.75 degree adjustment on 4x4 explorers..

Here is the list of their cams and how much they move..
Series 2WD Adjust. 4WD Adjust
Part # Total Change Total Change
23181 .25 degree .20 degree
23182 .50 degree .40 degree
23183 .75 degree .60 degree
23184 1.00 degree .75 degree
23185 1.25 degree .90 degree
23186 1.50 degree 1.10 degree
23187 1.75 degree 1.25 degree
23188 2.00 degree 1.40 degree
23189 2.25 degree 1.60 degree
23190 2.50 degree 1.80 degree
23191 2.75 degree 2.00 degree
23192 3.00 degree 2.25 degree
23193 3.25 degree 2.50 degree
23194 3.50 degree 2.75 degree
23199 0.00 degree



Top photo: New 2 3/4 degree Napa shim next to stock 2 1/2 degree shim

Bottom photo: snap ring angle not parallel to bushing face.

Returned to Napa today!

Oh, the Napa shim isn't stright up and down. The SPC and the ford one in our X were both straight up and down.

I wonder if Napa is like SPC and expect you not to put in a snap ring on the top?


...Maniak...I should have a couple 2.75's for 4wd coming off my Ranger just before Truckhaven..:dunno:

My camber is pretty close (< 2 degrees off) now. I have 1 camber shim that is still good. I managed to crack the other while doing stupid stuff.. Its < $15 for another one and I can have it here before the weekend thanks to Amazon prime..

Thanks for the offer though..


..On my Ranger and posting for reference..;)

23194 3.50 degree = 4x2... 2.75 degree = 4x4