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Camping in San Diego?


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March 4, 2007
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..I should be heading down to San Diego this weekend and will be near Mission Trails Regional park and Lake Murray Park and I'm not familiar with this general location at all...

..Is there anywhere close to there that I can easily camp out of the Ranger, has showers, and that is pet friendly??

...Quiet and scenic would be cool as it's that time of year when the campgrounds turn to something resembling frat parties on the weekend..

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...Thanks for the link...

..It's either going to be mosquitoes or Brian will put me to work on his horse trailer...:p:

...It's appreciation day at that park so everything was full...:rolleyes:

...I went to a few other campgrounds and they were surprised themselves at all of a sudden being full too..

...No Problem...;)..I decided to head up to Julian as we had reservations at the horsecamp the year Rancho Cyamucca burnt down just to check it out and it's pretty devistated but coming back minus a bunch of trees...

...I had several groups of deer come by and a wild turkey..(not in the bottle..:p:)...Most of the campgrounds filled up today but I was able to find a spot a stones throw away from a private lake with pine and oak trees around us...:D

...I did manage to get a list of some of the campgrounds in San Diego with phone numbers I will post later...It seems as several State, County, and Regional parks and campgrounds have been hit with budget cuts and are closed Sunday-Thursday now leaving just Friday and Saturday night to camp...:(

...Some quick pics up at Rancho Cuyamuca..







Let me guess where these were taken.

This one was from the side of the road heading into the horse camp area. You are looking back towards the base of middle peak with the old fish hatchery behind the small hill.

this one is pretty close to 180 degrees from the first looking at the base of stonewall.

Not enough to tell where but probably in the same field as the deer.

Parking lot as stonewall mine?

back in the Horse camp area looking towards Stonewall.

Parking lot at the lake Cuyamaca store/restaurant.

How did I do?

...Pretty darn good...:biggthump

...The last two were taken on the pullout along the highway below the horsecamp, with 1 pic of each side of the road, I want to say where cold creek horse trail crosses and they have all the cougar warnings..

Got ya. Down towards the headquarters in all the tight corners. Down in there is where Tracy and I were hit head on in 2002 or 2003.

...I didn't know about that...:eek:..Glad you both are around to talk about it...

...There was a horrific crash up there Saturday night as I am assuming by the many firetrucks and each one being followed by an ambulance coming from all directions...

...This is where the nasty curves are and there is a curve on each end of this picture...I pulled over to eat my breakfast here and watch all the nuts try and pass the slow moving rv's in both directions at this spot...Kind of a breakfast and a show...:p: