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Camshaft Position Sensor Question?? P0340, P0344 & P0345, P0349


June 21, 2014
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Richmond, VA
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2006 Ford Explorer
Getting P0340 & P0344 on Bank 1. And P0345 & P0349 on Bank 2. Just replaced all timing components, lifters and right camshaft. Engine now sounds and runs great! I did have the camshaft position sensors out during job. All I did was clean them, and re-installed Could they both be going bad? Wasn't getting those codes before I did the work. Should I replace them both? Or is there something else I should look for? Vehicle has 145,000 miles. thanks.


did you happen to check the camshaft sensor plunger to see if it was really sponge when they get really worn the plunger has very little resistance when you push it down if you can get a hold of a new one to check it you feel the difference if the old one is really worn. That was I've seen when they start to fail.

Follow up: i checked the camshaft position sensor with multi meter, seems to be ok. Could the timing be off? how can I check? I really don't want to open the engine back up and start over.