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Can a regular 4 leafspring place replace a 3 leaf plus overload pack?


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April 27, 2010
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2001 XLT 4WD 4DR Sport
After some debate I decided to tru and handle some major work on my truck myself. If I can master home renovations then surely I can try my hand at major auto work besides I have a solid set to tools i need to justify to my wife :) . How much troble can i get myself in by working my truck be if i am slow and careful. I have been able to fluid and plug changes in the past but this would be my first major auto repair project.

As I have the classic left side rear end sag from years of going to Lowes and the local supply shop I decided to replace the leaf spings and add a Roadmaster Active Suspension.

The problem I am having is the the 4 leaf set that LMC sent me has all 4 leafd curved. My OEM setup is has three curved leafs plus what I now know to be an overload leaf. I called LMC and they do not sell the leaf pack with an overload spring. Can I safly use the springs w/o the overload leaf or should I swallow some pride and take it to the dealer as most to the local places near me all charge the same as going to a dealer.

Thank you for your help and pity on a somewhat newbie gearhead.

ps - I have a 2001 4 door XLT 4WD (sport)

Joe --

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Or take the old spring set apart and put the overload spring into the new set,just make sure you have A) long enough center bolt B) long enough U bolts.Do not,by the way try to reuse your original U bolts,get new ones.:D

And when you undo the center bolt the springs tend to come apart in a hurry.Be careful.

the lmc 4 leaf pack has 4 thinner leaves. you can use em but they are a bit softer then the stock springs. the 4 leaf pack is intended to be used on its own without the overload.

i just ordered a set of the 3 leaves last night, as no one i can find has seen em in person, so in a couple of days i can give you some feedback on those as well

Thanks for the info. I am not to crazy about re-using componets and want to have light springs. I'll call the local ford place and see what they will charge me for just the parts.

Guess I'll put the leafs for sale on craigslist or i'll use the steel for a firepit base i am thinking of welding up.

live and learn


honestly for the price they LMC springs are id throw em on and see if you like em. mine are only coming out because the SOA + shackles on 35s is to much for em. theyd probably be real nice on a stock truck

Ok so with the help of my briother I spent part of Father's day swapping out the springs and included an active suspension. The new set up worked like a charm. I didn't realize how bad the sag was as the new seup gave me nearly 2" of lift in the back and improved the handling at the rear.

Thanks for your input