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Can bad slave cyl kill the clutch disk?


July 24, 2005
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Lakewood, CO
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'91 Navajo Sport
The clutch in my son's '91 Navajo died quickly the other day. After a horrifying series of challenges in getting the tranny out, I find tons of clutch disk powder and fibers all over inside and the flywheel is thoroughly heat crazed. We just bought the truck in May. The clutch supposedly had about 10,000 miles on it.

Can a slave cylinder that is not fully releasing be the cause? He said that he was having a lot of problem with it grinding when shifting into reverse, even with double-clutching. Or is it more likely to have been slipped to death by riding the clutch? (I thought he had at least reasonably well mastered using a clutch)

I am replacing the slave cylinder along with the clutch to be safe. Is there a way to determine if the old slave is defective?

yes... a bad slave is the #1 cause of fried disks before their time..... if it isnt fully engaging or releasing, it is making the clutch slip all the time, thus wearing it out very quickly

Thanks for the knowledge... You guys have been very helpful. It makes a big difference for those of us in need!