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Can changing coil pack start pinging

Greg Christian

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December 7, 2006
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Huntsville Al.
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2007 Explorer Sport Trac
I am about to pull out what hair I have left. My truck died had to be towed to shop. Needed coil pack I was told(3.0 v-6) . Ever since this coil pack has been on truck I have a pinging under load or accleration. I have done the Seafoam cleaning(suck thru brake booster line), map sensor ,throttle body everything. New wires and plugs this is driving me crazy.I thought I might need a high voltage coil actually I was told thats probably what is wrong. Basiacally I think I need to go buy another coil $60 and install to stop pinging. I never had this problem for 147,000 miles only started after coil pack. HELP!!!!!! Thanks Greg Christian