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Can i fit 33s with 4" lift??


July 19, 2011
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Shamong, New Jersey
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1993 explorer
I have a 2" body lift, 2" coil spacers, and 153 warrior 2" lift shackle bracket for my 1993 explorer.

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i fit 35 with some fender trimming and some rubbing at lock with a 3 inch body so you should be ok. you may have to trim the back of your fenders though

What he said.


I got a 2nd gen x with torsions all i did was tighten them up and I'm tuckin 33's

I have 3 body lift + warrior 153 + springs 2" + 33 Wheels on my 93 and everything goes well

33x? I rubbed with 5.5" and 33x12.5

Im considering overhauling the suspension...good place for leafs? price? im just gonna go stock for now with shackles BL and coil spacers...need a camber bushing to from what ive read here huh?

Your explorer looks awsome... hers mine of now there is no lift

Isnt that green Ex for sale? i thought i saw it on south jersey CL.

If it was year and half ago i had it up for sale back wen it had 80k on it when i first got it given to me. But there is one in the same town as i tht was for sale had a brush gaurd and lights up top... mine has a visor tht one dosent...