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Can I Prevent Servo Wear With Lucas?


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August 2, 2011
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Greenville, SC
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Greenville, SC
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2000 Explorer Limited 5.0
As some of you might be aware, I recently got my paws on a very beautiful 2004 Eddie Bauer Explorer. It has a 4.6L V8 and the standard 5R55 transmission. It is 2WD. It has about 191k miles, but the engine and transmission seem to work perfectly. I was given it by my aunt and uncle in GA, and they used it almost exclusively on the Interstate.

I've done some poking around on the internet, and one weakness this transmission has (that I've discovered) is the overdrive servo tends to wear-out. I am not sure about the other mechanical parts. It's a sealed transmission (and not intended to be user-servicable) but I'm thinking about replacing the fluid and adding a bottle of Lucas transmission stuff. So far, the transmission seems to be acting perfectly, but I am curious about weather that will prolong service life and mitigate mechanical wear.

Besides the issue with the overdrive servo, is this a good transmission? What special care should be taken to keep it happy and healthy? Adding an extra tranny cooler?


Google "servo bore fix". There is a $220 fix if they do wear out. I don't believe that Lucas will help or hurt - it just makes the oil thicker.

question yourself, what's inside Lucas that will prevent the servo wear? pure marketing?
the 5r55w/s/n transmissions have mixed reliability depends on how lucky your are but they do exhibit common failures, servo bore and solenoid packs. I don't even believe that constantly changing the trans fluid will prevent it from failing..