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Can you get more crazy...


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January 23, 2002
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There are some sickos out this week..

Orlando police said Lloyd Calhoun hit Marcia Johnson while she rode a bike on Tallokas Avenue near Kaley and I-4. He dragged her from Kaley to 19th Street.

It was a gruesome and bizarre scene Wednesday. Key witnesses to the crime couldn't believe what they saw.

"He was like, 'I meant to kill her, I meant to kill her,'" said eyewitness Raydell Russell.

Russell said he heard Lloyd Morris Calhoun screaming that he wanted to kill the woman on the bike. He is accused of hitting her with his van, dragging her 200 yards and killing her.

"And I saw the white van with person and bike under it," Russell said.

"He actually dragged her from the gas station all the way here," eyewitness Jose Esperanzo said.

"He wouldn't stop and I ran after him trying to make him stop. He wouldn't stop," Russell said.

The bike left a mark all the way down the road. Eyewitnesses said Calhoun then threw the van in reverse and tried to hit them.

"When he finally calmed down, he tried to run all of us down," Esperanzo said.

Instead, Calhoun ended up crashing his van into the duplex where he lives. He poured gas on himself, had a lighter nearby and, when a firefighter tried to help him, he threw gas on the firefighter, too.

"It was terrible," Russell said

Eddie Harp, who lives in the same duplex, said it was his girlfriend that Calhoun killed.

"She treated me awful sweet. She was good towards me," he said.

Harp said Calhoun, who was taken away from the scene on a stretcher, didn't even know his girlfriend. He doesn't know why it happened.

Eyewitnesses said Calhoun claimed the woman was trying to steal his ID.

"He said she stole his identification, but it can be anything," Russell said

"It was bad, awful, really awful," Esperanzo said.

The firefighter who had the gas thrown on him was fine. So was another firefighter who was cut up a little bit.

After doing some research, Eyewitness News found out that Calhoun was getting evicted from the house.


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June 27, 2005
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Ya, someone should of offered him a light.


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February 7, 2005
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BeauJ said:
"When he finally calmed down, he tried to run all of us down," Esperanzo said.
Ummm? Is that calm?