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Can you guys give me a good estimate on my 91?

You might want to communicate with kbabiak in the Vendors forum. It's worth a shot.

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Ah, I saw it listed... What's your time frame for selling it?

For an old 91 4x4 with no motor working i would only pay 300-500 MAX and that is if the body and interior were decent-good.

hey myersbeck ...i'm about 60 minutes from you ! dam good thing i was reading this thread huh !? i'm in gainesville so i'm about 1 hour from you driveing 9-85 to 85 twards atlanta. last month i looked at a 94 in dawsonville from a guy that had a blown engine but i talked him down from 600 to 400 dollars.

i was going to buy it for various parts and he said that the transmission was rebuilt 500 miles ago ...but after looking at it it was apparent that the trans had so much grease and oil all over (dried old grease) that this thing had not been touched or rebuilt in i did not buy it . i was going to buy this truck and part what i could out to make some money and to have some new parts for mine at the same time .

your truck.....what color is it ? does it have leather seats ( tan hopefully ) i need a new driver leather power seat . mines not to bad but it's got a split on one of the side bellows .

and the headliner what kind of shape is it in ??? i forget if yours is a 2 or 4 dr model .

thanks...... let me know :)

bytw.......pull apart in norcross off of buford highway (before jimmy carter blvd) duluth side) could try to sell it to them i know they buy whole ones from independent people...just pull up their web site'll see the forms to fill out .

Another price

My 91 4x XLT was on Craig's list for $400. Ended up paying $250. It is registered as Rebuilt, and I don't know what damage it incurred in it's life, but aside from sometimes now deciding not to start when it's warmed up, it runs fine. Has all options, all working but needs a new exhaust and both dogs legs are rusted out. Other than that, the body is great. A neighbour has a 94 EB and wants $500. I haven't had a chance to look at it but it supposedly runs ok. It looks good from the outside just driving by. Hah. Oh, on mine I replaced both lower front door hinges. $8 each from wreckers. My daughter picked up 2 pin and bushing repair kits for me near where she lives to do the uppers. She paid $10 at Canadian Tire. ( 2 pins & 4 bushings ) Our local Ford Dealership wanted $50.

( the cat is an aftermarket extra ) ;)