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Canadian Backroads


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April 16, 2002
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British Columbia
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93 4 dr 4x4 manual XL.
carsonm and I went out yesterday with the LMEG crew, which is usually is just us anyway. :p

We went up harrison west to Sloquet hotsprings. By my odometer, which isn`t accurate because of tire size and gear change, we went 96 kms up harrison west FSR, from the Sasquatch Inn to the turn off at the Sloquet creek road, then it`s 8.5 kms in to the springs.

Anyway, lets get some pics up to see!

here`s some shots of Carson..


  • sloquet 04.jpg
    sloquet 04.jpg
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this bridge was new, the old one washed away this year


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    sloquet 04 (6).jpg
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I don`t know what`s up with the pics, My usual program isn`t working so I`m using another way to smallerize them. I`ll leave them a bit bigger.

You probably want to see the springs, so I`ll show them now.

The springs come out above the creek, just kind of materializing out of the ground, It`s all grown in and grassy and mossy there so it`s just like a boggy area with a piping hot stream flowing out of it. About 30 feet or so from where it exits the earth, it falls over the bank towards the creek.


  • sloquet 04 (24).jpg
    sloquet 04 (24).jpg
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Not sure exactly how hot that waterfall is, but it will burn you right quick.

The sulpher-smelling spring water runs along the side of the creek where a succession of pools have been made with rocks and buried tarp material. The farther from the waterfal the cooler it is. The last pool is about the temperature of a warm bath you might run for your kids.
Closer to the falls it is like a hottub, right under the falls is suicide.


  • sloquet 04 (25).jpg
    sloquet 04 (25).jpg
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Here`s the view from the bottom end. Whatever gets past this point goes into the creek.


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    sloquet 04 (23).jpg
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that is absolutely beautiful!


This is an AWESOME day trip from the lower mainland of BC. A good destination with the usual BC scenery on the way.
I met Carson near my house at 8 am, and I got home about 7:45 PM

From Saquatch inn to the sloquet creek road it takes about 3.5- 3.75 hours. There`s nothing like sitting in the springs on a chilly day, it`s heaven.


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    sloquet 04b (6).jpg
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Thats why all of our licence plates say "Beautiful British Columbia":D

Nice pics LD....

Very nice! Makes me want to visit... :) Some day I'd like to make it up to Whistler too - do some mountain biking!

Yep it was a great trip. The water was sooo nice. I loved how my new locker felt too, I could actually keep up with James. :D


just dont snort the water man, you will get an amoeba in your brain and you will die

Hale Creek Camping

Here`s some more Canadian Backroads adventure!

We decided to go camping for a couple days, tried finding a new spot at a different lake, but ended up at Lake Harrison, which has one of the best beach accesses for camping, IMO.

The area is Called Hale Creek, because the creek enters the lake at this beach.


  • camping june 04 2.JPG
    camping june 04 2.JPG
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Here`s the spot to camp, right at the end, out of the wind.


I got a couple fun video clips as well, but It`ll be a bit till I get them up!


  • Camping June 04 1.JPG
    Camping June 04 1.JPG
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You know what I am going to say.....

Beautiful BC....:D

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