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Can't clear codes...


March 7, 2011
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01 ST|04 EX XLT
Long story short, got the vehicle about 2 months ago, after about $500 worth of diagnostics, finally got a wiring diag done and was told I need a new abs module. 3000 miles and 25 salvage yards later, I found one in NJ and purchased it. Had it installed and took it to get calibrated/programmed at the stealer this morning and was told the codes would not clear, but he was able to program the VIN. He recommended I buy a new abs pcu for $800. I received the following codes after install (I figured why not?)

1. U1900 - CAN Communications BUS Fault
2. C1998 - Pressure Controller Plausibility Fault
3. C1165 - Right Rear Speed Sensor Input Circuit Failure
4. B2477 - Module Configuration Failure
5. C1281 - Lateral Accelerometer Circuit Failure

I am thinking electrical, main ecu, but don't know enough to really make that assumption. I had the right rear speed senor replaced a few weeks back and it is still on the vehicle (just climbed under to see it). So I guess I'm wandering if anyone can shed some light on the other 3 codes (1, 2, and 5) to help me out because I'm getting short on patience and money. Any help is greatly appreciated.

All of those are probably Can-Bus.

Can-Bus basically utilizes one wire for multiple devices. Each device having a separate frequency. If the wire is tapped (like a power source) or even nicked, the frequency won't be right and you'll either get codes or the car won't run(right.)

So with 20 sensors, instead of 20 wires you might have 5-7.

thanks number 4

Thats what i was thinkin after reading all the other posts and going through 3 abs modules. Is there a specific part # for the CAN or is that dealer specific, becUse they want me to buy ANOTHER abs pcm, and this one is non refundable. I just want to drive my car, lol. TIA.