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Cant find how to thread for grille removal


September 14, 2013
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Clearwater, FL
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2013 Ford Explorer XLT
I know this must've been discussed a hundred times but I cannot find a DIY on how to remove our grill. I would like a step by step preferably with pictures if possible. Can someone point me in the right direction please?

Needed for 2011+ explorer thank you in advance.

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8 bolts on top. ..2 plastic pins...then tilt assembly forward. Then 4 more at the bottom. 2 on sides that are a b!tch to get to and 2 in the center.

Thank you, when you say tilt forward do you mean tilt the top part away from the car? Any good tricks or tips for the difficult ones? I hate to break any clips

Just replaced my grille 2 weeks ago with a black sport grille. Tried to do it without taking the whole front apart like many talked about on here. Did all the top bolts and tried to pull the grill away enough to get to the lower 4 bolts and there is no way in hell without breaking it. I have long skinny arms too and its impossible. The 2 inside ones are hard enough, the outside ones are so far down and are literally blocked until the whole front grille/lower fascia is removed. I would consider myself good at figuring out a way to get something done but my long slim arms didnt even get close to where they needed to be and that wasnt even with a socket wrench. After having taken the whole grille and lower painted fascia off and put back together I could probably do it again in 1 hour. I did the first by myself and it took 2 hours or so but I was being very careful. I didnt take pictures because I followed the step by step photos that I found linked here on this site. It was to a site like "blueox" or something like that, i cant remember exactly. Let me know if you have specific questions and I can help.

It is doable without breaking the grill and without taking the front fascia off, but you do have to pull out on the grill while getting the outside nuts taken off.

I can send a pic of the back of the grille if you send me your email address