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Canvas Top How-To


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June 27, 2005
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Ok, since im sure im going to get tons of questions on how I did it, I figured I'd answer them all at once.

Overall, i have about $120 and 3 hours of work into this. I have a few more hours to go, and maybe a few more dollars but it really wasn't much.

First, parts. I got all hardware from Mcmaster-Carr. It was around $60 shipped through work.

This is what your looking for.


Part Numbers:

Snaps (Black Finish): 95691A775 (x5)
These are complete snaps, but you will only use the female half. They come in sets of 10, I ordered 50 and may need more, allow for messups. They come in Stainless, Brass or Black Oxide Finish. Different colors are different part numbers.

Male Rivet Studs: 95707A686 (x2)
These go through the sheet metal, requires a pop riveter. Packs of 25.

Setting Dies: 95710A696, 95710A698
You use these to set the female halves, anvil and punch setup.

All of these are on page 3125 of the 2007 Catalog.


You go your own way on this, color, material, size all differ. I ordered a big 8x10 tarp which was more than I needed but I have more uses for it. Measure what you want and get the appropriate size.

The next post will be how to use the setting tools. Its stupid easy, but this is a writeup so I guess I should show you.

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Setting the snaps.

1. Make the holes in canvas, I doubled mine over so it was stronger and to make a clean looking edge.

2. The top half of the female end goes in from what will be the outside of the canvas, the bottom half comes in the inside. (not shown)

3. Female end through both side of canvas, ready to be set in base.


  • drilled canvas.JPG
    drilled canvas.JPG
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  • stud in one side.JPG
    stud in one side.JPG
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  • stud through.JPG
    stud through.JPG
    55.9 KB · Views: 322

4. This is the setting base (anvil)

5. Female half in base. Normally it should be like in image 3 but but for writeup purpose it isnt.

6. Both halves in base.

7. Punch lined up in stud of female half, ready to hammer.


  • snap base.JPG
    snap base.JPG
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  • snap base + stud.JPG
    snap base + stud.JPG
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  • snap base both halves.JPG
    snap base both halves.JPG
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  • snap base setting die.JPG
    snap base setting die.JPG
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8. Finished product. Of course, the canvas should be sandwiched between them


  • finished.JPG
    24.9 KB · Views: 304

These snap right onto the rivet male studs once they are set.

As for lining up the canvas and pulling it tight, everyone is going to be different. In hindsight I would have set the top row of snaps first, then gone around and pulled it tight and held it fast with clamps. Then I would of gone around and drilled holes through the canvas and into the sheetmetal.

Set the rivets in the holes, then go around the canvas and trim it, fold the edge over and set the snaps. It should be pretty close if you pulled everything tight.

If you still have questions, just ask.

I would like to see some pictures of the finished product. I looked through the links in your signature, but didn't see anything.

its not finished yet, I did more of it tonight, should be done tomorrow.

a quick suggestion, a cleaner way to make the holes in the canvas is with a soddering iron