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Cap and hardware (photos)

Took several tries to get the pics to load right.

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The rear half of my side windows slide forward for the screens.
Nice st, don't know if I can go w/out the fogs after already having them on mine but I wish I had a sunroof-moonroof…any difference between the names?

My side windows slide, too. They're just more evenly split than yours.

Sunroof/moonroof = same thing

Anyone wouldn't happen to know what the 2 caped off wires are coming off the harness behind the rear bumper, near where the trailer wires attach to harness. It was labeled but faded and crumbled. It's a black/red wire and a black wire both are caped with a heat shrink tube. The blk/rd wire label read something like aux chsl power but was hard to make out. What were these wires intended use, obviously they are there to tap into but wondering for what. I tried looking on the wiring diagrams but no luck, then again I'm not sure where to look (subcategories). My guess was it's for the tow harness. On mysporttrac it looks like it was used for the truck cap brake light but with the label of aux power makes me think otherwise.

Nevermind, I looked at the abrev. A little more, knowing I seen it before (chml) and it clicked…center high mount light. I got confused by the power label but makes since now why it was used in the 1st place. Auxillery center high mount light power! Saying it out loud makes me feel a little more stupid.

Thankful no one answered before my save post

I finally got my 3rd brake light wired and ran the wires for the future dome light. I followed these instructions from in the project section 'how to wire a camper shell'

The instructions were great but photos were lacking clarity so I tried snapping a few in hopes it would help. It look me awhile to figure out how I was going to run the wire, I didn't want to drill any new holes so this is what I did.
I test fitted a 3/8 loom (had to twist it to make thinner) I believe the hole I used was for the bed extender, I don't have 1 nor plan on getting 1 so this worked for me. If you have an extender you will need to find another way. I have a 5x10 utility trailer which is why I have no need for the extender.

I removed taillight for easier access and view

It was a tight fit but the loom worked in that hole. After I ran an estimate of how much wire will be needed, where I was going to run it. I cut my wire with extra for play, put in the 3/8 loom and wrapped with electrical tape. My harness looked like a Y, my 4 wires (red & black for brake light and blue & black for dome light) ran down the pocket (same used for the drivers rear taillight/reverse wire harness. Once the wire got past the end of that pocket, the blue & black ran up the same wall on the opposite side following the 12v power point wire harness. I did this to make it look professional. Back to the Y intersection, the red & black was ran to the aux chmsl (center high mount stop light) power, located about 6" from the tow harness plug. The 2 wires were just poking out of the wire harness.

And a fuller view of the 2 wires. I popped all the Xmas trees out to pull the wire down for more slack.

This is at the bottom of the pocket where my harness had the Y intersection. In the photo look at the new, the loom going down is actual going up following the wires for that taillight, the loom going up is following to the power point in the bed and the loom going left goes to the 2 wires sticking out near the tow harness


I'll tap into this later for the dome light when I get it

Then I solder my connection for the brake light



Put the wires in the loom and taped it

Then made my connections up top. I want to find a good weatherproof type plug but for now I left excess wire and solder together.

Tip:since I had 2 black wires 1 for the brake light and 1 for dome light, I made sure to tape together so when I made the connections they didn't get swapped around.
Edit:I didn't tape the black wires together, I meant I taped them to there designated colored wire.