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Car Alarm


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January 17, 2010
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Cincinnati, OH
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2000 Ford Explorer XLT
I have a 2000 Ford Explorer that a recently got a car alarm installed in. I wasn't happy with the alarm and remote start that was installed and I was looking into getting a different one but I would like to install it my-self to save on some cost. I just wondering since all the wires are all ready cut and ran to the current alarm would it be basiclly a plug and play type install?

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If you go with the same brand you might be able to get away with a plug and play but it is unlikely.

However, you will still have all of the wires in one place and will be easy to tap into, as long as you have the installation instructions from your current remote start/alarm.

To make things easy, here's an example...
Your current RS/A installation instructions might say to connect the pink wire to brown wire located near ignition.
But your new installation instructions might say to connect the blue wire to the brown wire located near ignition.

If this is the case you can skip most of that and connect your new RS/A blue wire to your current RS/A pink wire.

Hope this makes sense.

Questions? :p

Yes I didn't install the alarm so I don't have the manual and I wanting to switch to the Viper alarm system. I may just take it to the shop and see what they can do. I just dont want anyone to mess with it. I have too much money poured into this.

Viper's are great systems, I have a 791 on my Ex, and will probably get the same or better for my Mounty.

What is your current RS/A? You might be able to find the wiring diagram online.