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car audio for sale Eclipse cd- Soundstream amp

j greathouse

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September 9, 1999
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5504 Eclipse cd head unit competion quality no built in amp just cd and FM tuner for superior sound quality lots of features 550dollars brand new asking 400 obo only 5 months old

Soundstream Refrence 705 the (big boy of amps) 6 channel amp power your whole system with this one and then some. rms rated power @ 4ohms is 50x4 and 500 to both subwoofer channels. military spec circuit boards this amp is stable down to 1ohm stereo or mono true competion piece I paid 950 for this and I am only asking 400 dollars for it!!!

Both are in mint condition I just traded in my explorer for an Olds Aurora and dont need these any more because the Aurora has a factory Bose stereo.. hurry this won'last!!

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This may seem odd but can you provide dimensions for the Soundstream?

If it will fit it my current amp location I may be interested...

I had wrote you an email about your amp. I was wondering if you got it? I dont know if you have already sold it, but I am very interested. Let me know either post here or email me Thanks alot

You sent me a email? I dont think I got it unless I deleted it by accident, can you send it again? I would appreciate it, or just post whatever you said. Its

I sent you another email let me know if you get it . I've had a lot of problems out of my email account for the last month and I am currently tring to get it fixed. but anyway I still have the amp for sale it is in mint condition no scratches or scuffs at all. I have used it about 5 months and owned it about 6 months try to email me if you want it and I will give you my address thanks , Jon

Please E-mail me if amp is still available...