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Car Enters Programming Mode, But Won't Accept Key Fobs


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May 4, 2015
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Ford Escape + Explorer
The '03 Explorer came wholesale without any key fobs. Not a problem there's a ton of threads on Explorer Forum on how to program them in, no problems...

Unfortunately it doesn't work for me. I followed the 8-turns method and get the vehicle to enter programming mode, the locks cycle. But it refuses to accept two different key fobs which temporarily paired with the '04 Escape and a different Explorer without any problem.

I found the threads about the "splice in the pink/yellow" wire but I don't see any splice in the wire I was able to pull out (maybe it's back past the rear door sill?).

I'm not really sure what to try next, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

So today I pulled the right rear quarters off to get to the BSM. After trying the door entry pad code written on it that works fine.

So door panel lock/unlock buttons work ok, the drivers door entry pad works ok. Since it was dark this time I also noticed that when you lock the doors via interior button and close all the doors it will flash signal lights to confirm as if you had a fob.

I'm thinking of getting a module from a scrap yard and seeing if it works unless anyone has another idea. thanks guys.