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Car goes nuetral


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August 8, 2021
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City, State
Alain, abudhabi
Year, Model & Trim Level
2008 lower trim
Ilhello everyone can some please help me where i stay tgeres very little ford mechanics n they seem to be dumb

I have a 2008 explorer v6 with 200k miles car drives good but after driving for long in city when i step on gas tge car doesn move at all the engibe revs up it ls like its in nuetral i had new transmission oil n still fscing the issue. When it does this i put it in low gear thts 1 (automatic) it drives than n thn shift to d its fine after tht and thn it also jerks on uphills wen i hve 7 members in the car or in a hard corner at 40mph it jerks little the gear goes upshifts n downshifts it seems like it upshifts n downshifts 5 to 6 or 4 not noticeble

Can you guys please tell me whats the real issue i took it to a shop they were checking the air sensor whilst it had zero connection with it cus the engine seems to be running good

Its also leaking engine oil from the pan but the oil level is good cus i add oil every 2 to 3 mnths and also when i start my car and than shift to reverse it jerks and make a hitting noise thn its fine it goes to reverse whats the issue with it??

Make sure its right fluid and level is good in transmission, most probably its internal transmission issue.