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Car in Salinas River

Well i was 4 wheeling alone (yes i know stupid idea) one day on the sand banks of the Salinas River and i was heading back to solid ground when i started slipping and my car rolled into the river and the front end was partialy covered in old smelly disqusting water....i had to walk about 3 miles to the neareast phone to call AAA to have my car pulled out, well it turns out AAA wont take their trucks off off solid i ended up pying $200 out of pocket for a special towing company with what appeared to be the same trucks as AAA has to pull me out, their truck did fine... i took it to the shop to have it checked out and they determined that nothin was wrong aside from the nasty smell of dirty river water soaked into my carpets and they suggested that i have all the fluids flushed to make sure the water doesnt rust the another $100 later i was back on the road. If this ever happens to you, and you cant seam to get the smell out, pull the carpet up, soak up as much water as you can with a towel and then buy some Febreez Auto crap and spray it heavily on the carpet, it got the job done for me. Pictures will come as soon as i get off my ass and get them developed.

EDIT - Heres the pic!


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Get the pictures developed at a photo shop, i didnt have a digital with me all i had was a disposable camera incase i crash for insurance evidence.

Thats cool, the salinas river is indeed a rancid mudpit most of the year

Yeah, the towing guy said its all quicksand, and when the city was cleaning it last year they lost 2 catapillar tractors to the sand pockets...i was like YIKES thank god i didnt meet any pockets....

good job, getting stuck is all part of the game.

i might recommend that you keep it on the asphalt until you have done the necessary modifications (i.e. lift,tires,etc...) just to keep that from happening again, i read in another thread of yours that its your parents truck, and i would recommend not having another close call ;) if you want to keep it. just my .02

ugh! where are people reading this, i said my parents bought the truck FOR ME, they gave it to me as a birthday present.

ok, well even with that fact being true, i still would recommend that you do the mods before wheeling it too keep some money in your pocket on the repairs. The mods will cost much less than a new axle/tranny/or heaven forbid a new insults intended, im just trying to help you out. You would be surprised at how far you can get safely with 3 inches of lift and some NICE 31 inch tires.

I wheeled mine tonz of times while it was stock. Good job man, wheel it like you stole it :D

i used to wheel the hell out of mine stock...

definatly a capable truck stock.

a little body lift and some 32"s would be pretty cool lookin'