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Car Monkeys bad warranty and customer service 5R55E


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September 18, 2017
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1998, XLT
I do not recommend buying anything from Please read the following:

I purchased a 5R55E transmission from Car Monkeys. The transmission is advertised as: “used, OEM, Tested (transmission run), complete assembly to include a torque converter and oil pan”. It came with a 5 year warranty. It sounded good to me. After all it must be good if they gave a 5 year warrantee.

The first problem I ran into was no shipping conformation so after 3 days I called and they couldn’t get a hold of the shipper at the time and said they will send me an e mail. No e mail so I called the next day then I did get an e mail. So it took 4 working days from order to shipping, bad sign.

After receiving the transmission I immediately had to clean it in order to inspect it. I found 1 oil pan bolt missing and several half out. I took the pan off to find the filter missing. I did notice that both external end seals had been replaced. I began to wonder what was done and what wasn’t done. So I called Car Monkeys again and was reminded that it was a used transmission and not a rebuilt one. Essentially, nothing was done to it, just run and tested. This didn’t satisfy me as there were clearly new seals on both ends. At this point I wasn’t happy, but I looked it over well, so I thought, and installed a new filter, pan seal and installed the transmission. It didn’t engage any gear. All pressures and electrical tested good. I scratched my head, did I miss something or is this a bad transmission. They said they tested and ran it and I have installed many transmissions in my 40 years of automotive work. I had to determine if I made a mistake or the transmission was bad before I returned it under warranty.

I achieved a point where there was nothing more to check externally. I took the pan off and discovered that the down shift inner lever assembly was not engaged into the slot on the manual valve on the valve body. Hence the manual valve is doing nothing. No parts were damaged. So of course the transmission doesn’t know what gear I have selected. Now I have rebuilt a few of these and know that the alignment to engage the inner shift lever and the manual valve must be made when installing the valve body to the transmission. This tells me that ether they did not test the transmission because it can not work as assembled or they removed the valve body and didn’t install it correctly. I can see that at least the base gasket on the valve body is new so I know that the valve body had been removed. Remember earlier that Car Monkeys said it was “not” rebuilt. I reassembled the valve body correctly and it ran perfect.

I contacted Car Monkeys again and this was their answer; “The transmissions are run and tested prior to being listed for sale, you might have noticed the filter inside was removed. We also remove the valve body to inspect and it is put back on to keep debris out. Any of the sensors wiring harness or electrical is not under warranty and is left on for convenience. Once again you purchased a used unit not a remanufactured. I am glad you got it working however you were to replace the valve body with your own“. My answer to them was; “Bull, Your site does not say I need to use my own valve body. Tested means it works. Your supplier did not assemble the valve body correctly. I will write an appropriate review.”

So the short of it is I give Car Monkeys an “F”. I urge you to not buy anything from them. Please read their warrantee very carefully. It is really bad. Here is the transmission portion:

All parts are guaranteed to be in satisfactory working order at the time of purchase. Every part purchased through our online store includes up to 5-year unlimited mileage limited parts only warranty, provided you were the original purchaser of the part and you still own the vehicle on which it was installed. This warranty cannot be transferred to anyone at any time. We offer one time replacement of the part that failed. All parts have to be installed within 30 days of delivery.

Parts installed on commercial use vehicles are warranted for 90 days from the date of purchase.

What are the Warranty Terms?

If any part should fail within the warranty period due to defect in material, we will, at our option replace the part or refund your money. You will be responsible to return the part with the original invoice to us properly packed and secured for shipping. Once we receive the part we will check it for our original markings, and proceed with approval of your warranty claim.

All parts must be installed by a certified mechanic at licensed repair facility.

All warranty claims have to be initiated via email with precise explanation of an issue. Additional documentation may be required.

What is NOT Covered?

· Improper installation of the part

· Failure due to accident or collision

· Vehicle is found under manufacturer’s recall

· Abuse, misuse, vehicle modification or vehicle is used off-road or for racing purposes

· Part is installed in vehicle other than the manufacturer designed the part for

· The installer failed to clear computer codes

· Failure due to fire, theft, vandalism, acts of terror, explosion, lightning, earthquake, hurricane, water damage, freezing or any other environmental conditions

· Vehicle was operated for prolonged period of time after the part’s failure


· Check the flexplate for cracks or excessive wear on the starter teeth.

· Replace oil pan gasket, front and axle seals and replace filter (if applicable).

· Flush & inspect transmission cooling lines. Follow manufacturer's recommendations.

· Properly align torque converter (Automatic Transmission Only).

· Finish installation of the transmission. When finished, add transmission fluid to manufacturer's specifications. Start the engine and add more TF immediately. Additional fluid can now be added until the transmission reads ‘full’ on the dipstick.

· Reset control module codes.

· Adjust throttle position sensor cable.