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car shakes like a leaf


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April 14, 2008
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So i just picked up a 98 X 2 door with the 4.0. It runs fine and all but ever time i got about 60 mph the car a lil and if i push it to 65-70 it shakes really bad wear im scared to drive it and back down. So what could this be? I dont think its the tire b/c there is no shake in the staring wheel or the car till i hit 60 and weather i hit the brakes or not its still the same. Im going to try to shift it in to neutral and see if its the tranny or engine. Any one got an idea.

I put this in the wrong spot i have a 98 so could a mod pleas move this.

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Maybe tire balance -- its one of those things that you wont notice until a specific RPM where the resonance kind of feeds itself.

Check the front suspension bushings, ball joints and tie rods etc.

Check the front suspension bushings, ball joints and tie rods etc.

How would i go about checking all that? Im going to put the spear on today and see if that does anything.

Hmmm, you pretty much need a bit of experience to know what you are looking at. Although everyone need to start somewhere, I think most of us learned by watching someone who knows what they are doing.

Generally if when you have the tire jacked up and you try to move it (not rotation) and there is more than a very slight amount of play there could be a problem. If there is looseness and you are driving down the road the motion can start a kind of gyration resulting in the shaking.

I had a shake until I replaced the passenger side radius arm bushing in my truck.

If you don't have any mechanically inclined friends/family then I'd take it to a mechanic if you are unsure.

I get what your saying, my only question is do i need to have both tires jacked up at the same time or can i do it one at a time?

One at a time.

It's helpful to have someone move the tire for you and to watch the various joints for play sometimes. A prybar can help when checking the ball joints. Don't rely on a jack to keep the thing in the air if you are going to go underneath it. Use jackstands.

Thanks ill but it on jack stand and see what i find.

I went to a shop today and had to used tires but on with i needed and balanced . The shake is gone i drove it to about 85 mph and no shake at all, but that for the info it may come in hand one day.

post in the right section. then bring it to a shop. no hard feelings but i dont think you know what youre looking for.

edit: see, i was right!