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cargo area interior panel clips


January 21, 2004
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Frisco (Dallas), TX
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1992 XLT
i just had all new speakers and subs installed, and the guys who installed it broke the round circular plastic clips that hold the passenger side interior panel in place in the cargo area. the clip things go into holes that are on the lower window sill area under the back side window and on the top sill area. i went to the dealer, and the only thing they sell us a "kit" (whatever that means) to supposedly replace all the interior panel fasteners in the truck. the cost: 30 bucks. all i need are 7 plastic clips. does anybody know a place that would carry such things. i tried napa auto parts and they have these big black ones (my interior is tan) that are too wide anyway. a website would also help. thanks in advance...

btw im new, got my explorer on the 16th...2 days from my 16th bday so im loving the freedom

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get them off our

thats where i got mine, and yes they only come in the full kit. it should be half the price of the dealership.

They tried to charge me 130 bucks.It was every clip for the whole truck.I got a couple at another dealer, wrong colour.

i guess i'll stick with paying the 30 but if anybodys selling 7 clips, that would be awesome

I know what you mean. I broke a few myself. I only need a couple of the small ones along the rear window and the dealer said the only way to get them is to buy the whole panel. I thought BS, what do they (dealer) do when a "technician" breaks one, do they charge the customer for a whole interior kit.

BTW, I happened to see some at Lowe's in different sizes, but they are black. I didn't get any since I need tan also.

When I tried to replace the sub in my '92 I also broke a few of the clips, so I was in the same situation you are in now. All I did was go to the local junkyard find the same year X (which will matter in the clip size and thickness) and color interior that matches yours and keep pulling until you get a few in good shape. Junkyard didn't charge for such a small item. I also believe you can buy a tool to remove clips without breaking them, not sure what is called or how much, but try asking your local parts store. Hope this helps and saves you a few bucks.

thanks, if i locate my local junkyard im in business b/c i need other parts here & there in addition to the clips