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Cargo area make over


March 23, 2010
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Riverside, CA
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2001 Sport



my 20$ cargo area make over. the stock carpet was beyond cleanable, so I took it out and traced the patern on to a piece of diamond plate rubber mat. removed the metal surounding the jack tools and relocated them in my side compartment. then made a spacer from 3/4" plywood to fill the gap between the back seat and re-installed my tie down loops to help hold the mat down. The threshhold got painted black to help the color scheme tie in to the bumpers and body.

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Nice work. Thats a good idea. I know my carpet back there always seem to collect dirt quickly.

Well done- looks good!

Thanks guys. Has any one else re-covered theirs or found nice mats for a deccent price? if so post some pics.


I found an expedition cargo mat at the junk yard, they gave it to me!!

I removed the stock carpet and installed it just like you did in my BII years ago.... one of the best mods ever!!

nicely done :)

Looks good I might do that when im ready to do my carpet.

I have a rubber mat in the back of my 02 x sport, was in the vehicle when I bought it. It's raised on all edges like a shoe mat and just slides out for cleaning. No pic's yet will take some later.

The pre formed mats with a lip all the way around is what I origonaly wanted, but I couldn't bring my self to spend the 125$ for a nice one knowing I was going to cut it.

I am also in the process of building a small bolt in rack and didn't want to mutilate an expensive mat

Good point, I just have mine sitting of top of the carpet so I can A take it out and clean and B there is a ridge for liquid spills it doesn't go everywhere.

Nice n' easy mod... I like! I might try this with mine. The carpet is also worn to crap and looks like a piece of velcro. I'm also thinking of just ripping it out and spraying with bedliner. Maybe both.

Looks great! :thumbsup: I took the carpet out of my rig a couple of years ago. I cut grass and the carpet stains and smells were becoming too much. Since then its just been metal in the cargo area but this gives me some inspiration.

that looks great! i have been thinking of doing something like this, because i also don't wanna spend $125 on a mat. where did you buy the mat from?

I bought a remnant from a place called Parker Store, in Bloomington, CA. Its a hydraulic and industrial plumbing supplier. I looked at all the Home Depot type stores and didn't find anything that would work to well. The metal floor in the cargo area is pretty uneven, so if you can get a piece of carpet padding for underneath, it will make it much nicer.

thanks, i will have to check around locally. everything i have found online is EXPENSIVE to get shipped because of size and weight, so i will have to do some checking locally. the carpet isn't that bad in my truck, but i haul a lot of stuff around that will eventually ruin it.