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Cargo Area Stereo System Rack


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January 7, 2002
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Maysville, KY
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'92 Explorer XL 4x4
I am looking to install (1) 12" Alumapro Alchemy, (2) Kicker Amps, (1) Lightning Audio Digital Cap, and my distribution block. I am about to start building this system in to the rear of my 1992 Explorer but I need some cool looking ideas. If anyone has any cool looking system installed in their X please post the pics or link here. Thanks

do a search for a member named DVS. there should be a link to some pics in his sig; hes gotta a pretty sweet setup in the trunk :D

Here is what I am doing...

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Check out mine:

This is in my 93 Sport and the rack was built behind my box. On the left is my crappy Sony amp and on the right is my 800a2. All the wires were ran under the box and are completely out of sight. All it needs is to be carpeted.