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cargo cage


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December 19, 2009
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2000 mountaineer
Looking to put a cargo roll cage in my 00 mountaineer. I know it seems weird to just do it in the cargo area but it's something I want to do.

I was looking on summit at the single roll bar main hoops that they sell for like $40. such as this one :

(dead link)

I'm wondering if I could buy one of those (if they have ones tall enough) for the very back and mod it to work and just buy some extra pipe to run across and maybe one more and cut/bend to fit the part behind the seats.

Basically it would be just like any other roll cage kit in an expo only I would just have the cargo done, and I want ot make it where I don't have to get rid of my cargo plastic.

I'm gonna take some measurements tomorrow but if anyone has any that would be helpful or has some tips/pics ect.

my last question is does anyone know how I could build this kit and have it where it's not completely permanant? I understand anything you can take apart is not going to be efficient for a roll cage purpose but its more of for a something to hang crap to and still look like a roll cage... than an actual roll cage... make sense? I'm just thinking if I ever needed to take off the plastic cargo panels I'd be screwed and I don't want to get in that situation

any help is greatly appreciated

They aren't that hard to take off, especially compared to the labor involved in installing a roll cage. If you don't want to take the plastic off, then I am guessing you aren't going to be cutting holes in the floor to tie it to the frame. If its not tied to the frame, just the body, then you might as well make it out of paper mache or coat hangers for all the good its going to do you in a roll over.

I want it for the look and to hang things from, If I rolled the truck it would be totalled anyways the only difference is it would be smashed into a set of bars instead of into the floor. But again I don't offroad with this truck, I'm just looking to put something together that will look nice and I can use for various things

Ahh, ok. I was thinking you were going to just bolt a rollbar hoop to the floor and think it was a roll cage, lol. Missed that part, too late for me to read clearly, haha. You could get one of those shower curtain bars that are expandable, and put it in across the top. I don't think it would look very good though, but it'll make a nice spot to hang clothes or whatever from.