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October 13, 1999
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1993 XLT 4 DR. 4X4
does anyone have the discount code for, i tried to order a set of flares today and i dont have the code! please help!!!!!!!

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The last coupon I saw expired April 30. Sorry.

I tried this one a couple of hours ago to price Superchips and it looks active. It's good for 33% off:


Hope it works for you.

thanks a ton man, you saved me a little over a hundred bucks! where do you get the codes from, i have looked in the four wheel drive mags. and never saw one? thanks again, i owe you one!:exp:


I got it off this board a few days back and tried it and it worked. I forget who originally posted it, but I think it may have been DaemoN.

Glad you saved the bucks, Man!!

BTW, I signed up for their e-mail newletter announcements which I assume contains these coupons a few days ago...but so far i haven't even r'cvd an acknowledgement. So I'm not sure how to get these coupons directly.

Anybody else know?

ERIC-they have them on FOUR WHEELER magazines. ;)


I guess i need to do something more than just look at the pictures!!!!!!! Thanks.

I just got another code if that other one goes bad. This one is good until 7/31/00. It's 1858007 and it's good for 1/3 off $300.