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Carpet To Vinyl Accomplished


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December 2, 2010
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2000 Ranger
So today I went to a buddies house to get my vinyl swapped in. I got there at around 10 this morning and we set about getting the seats and trim out. All went smoothly until we got to this point.

We stripped one of the t 55 bolts that hold the center seats seat belts. WEll we tried everything, we tapped it and then it stripped again, then we heated it and it didnt work. So Finally we got fed up and just cut the head off the bolt and ground it smooth. That took about 2 hours because we would go take breaks because it was 15 degrees outside.

The second half was the easy part, we swapped it in and everything went smoothly. I love how it came out and it really changes the whole truck. Next for the interior is the trims getting painted black and a sub.

All of this would never have been accomplished if ScottB hadnt given me such a deal on his flooring! Thanks Scott!

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Wish I lived closer to snag the rug from you, I'm thinking of doing the opposite in my 03, when the weather gets better I'm changing out my vinyl bench. Going with buckets and console.

Looks good. Is that a bottle of steak sauce? I guess it never hurts to be prepared.

Id gladly send you mine but its in bad shape and we had to cut it to get the bolt off.

And yeah it is haha. I love it on anything, even fast food stuff. So I keep one in the back haha.