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cat back exhaust size and brand


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February 6, 2001
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Levittown, NY (Long Island)
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98 Sport 4.0 SOHC 4x4
for my '98 sport SOHC im going with the custom cat back setup. here are my options: 2.25" or 2.50" and either dynomax super turbo muffler or flowmaster 50 series w/delta flow. due to pricing, if i go with 2.25", im leaning towards the dynomax muffler, but if i go with the 2.50" pipes, im leaning towards the flowmaster, but id like to hear ANY and ALL suggestions. id like EVERYONE'S opinions please.

also, if i go with the 2.50" how much low end torque will i lose?...will it be noticeable?

but if i go with the 2.25" (which is the same as stock), will i even notice the difference?

please leave a suggestion/opinion. i will take into consideration any replies that i read. the reason is, i am on spring break next week, and id like to order this muffler ASAP so i can get it installed while im home for spring break next week.

thanks in advance everyone

You are going to have a lot more flow either way you go.
The larger diameter pipe you have the louder it will be insude and out.

if you want my honest opinion(which i myself use quite regularly) just order yourself a 40 series flowmaster, delta or regular for about $50. next, go to the garage and get your hammer, long shafted screw driver and the sawzaw. start cutting. just cut off either cat you want or both, recommended(only by me of course), and "hollow" them out: stic the screwdrive in one end and beat the crap out of it w/ the hammer untill all the guts fall out. simple huh? then go call your average NON-FRANCHISED muffler/mechanic guy( you now who i mean, the guy w/ the tiny hole in the wall shop on the "bad" side of town) and schedule an appointment. since the cats are flanged from 2.25" to HUGE you'll be able to run whatever pipe diameter you want, go w/ the 2.5"(again, my recomendation, the bigger the pipe, the deeper the sound). have him reweld all you cats right where they came from and then the new muffler. if it was me, i would go w/ turndowns, b/c of price and sound. your now looing at about $80-90 for the WHOLE job compared to the $350 for just parts w/ the "conventional" c-b system. if you rig is running good w/ out to many miles you should still pass emissions. what i would do is wait and see and if you don't pass the first run through, go order a free flow cat for about $60 i thin and get it welded in and you'll still be way under budget. this is what i do, but a lot of people just prefere the expensive way, but you get the same, if not better results the rednec riggen way. -russel