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Cat Back Question


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June 9, 2004
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Southington, CT
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'92 XLT
Hi i'm a long time reader, first time poster. I'm 17 years old I have a 1992 4dr, 4x4 Exploder XLT. My intermediate pipe has developed a rust hole and my truck sounds like a tank, so I figure, somethings broke, time to upgrade. Im looking at two different cat back systems. One from Dynomax and one from Flowmaster. The Dynomax has a super turbo muffler and the Flowmaster comes with a 50 series. Both systems have 2.250" intermediate and tail pipes. I would like to know what you guys think about these mufflers, which you would think would have a nicer, deep sound that doesnt drone. The Flowmaster is going to run about -175 from jegs and the Dynomax would be about -120. I'm leaning towards the Flowmaster but any input would be appriciated. You guys have been a huge help with countess other things, thanks in advance.


Check out Flowmaster thread There is a link to Summit Racing where you can pickup the 50 seriesr for under $170 to your door. The 50 series is slightly louder than stock, whereas the 40 series is significantly louder.

i have a 99 with the 40 series flowmaster and i love it. sounds mean. and sets of car alarms here in so cali