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Catalytic Converter Flange Gasket


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November 10, 2014
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Montgomery, Alabama
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1999 Ford Explorer 4wd
Yesterday, I went to hook my exhaust back up to the Catalytic converter because the guy I bought it from told me it was as simple as screwing the three bolts to make it fit. He wanted a louder Xplorer but it was costing me too much in gas mileage and power... anyways. Me and my friend noticed that there needed to be a flange gasket there. After getting the wrong one the first time, we looked online and found that it was supposed to be this one.
Well, when we went to put it on there, this was too short, and we cant figure out what gasket I need. We put the bolts in there just to make it quieter and hopefully help me with gas mileage, but I would rather have it fixed right so I don't have to worry about something else happening to it.

Also, how do I upload pictures on here? haha

Stop by an Advanced Auto. They seem to carry most all of the exhaust gaskets in stock. They are about $10. You did not list the engine so cannot confirm which gasket you might require.