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CAUTION!! Indiglo Guages Install Process

Warning! If anyone has used the installation steps for Indiglo guages that were posted on this website, an important step has been left out and almost cost me a new selector assembly/wire. In the thread, all steps have been given and are necessary, except to use caution when removing guage cluster after the three harnesses have been removed.
There is a white plastic conical connector that is connected to the bottom of the cluster. Make sure it is not yanked out or it will damage either the plastic piece or the drive selector wire, [P N R N D 2 1], , that leads through a small black shaft, around the steering column and attached by a loop to the drive selector handle. Damage to the pieces aforementioned would render the selector unuseable or incorrect, meaning when moving lever to Reverse, the marker or selector indicator may show Drive or any other mixed up combination. Thank You and Good Night!