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CB+radio in stock double DIN space.


October 12, 2015
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1999 Mountie
My 1999 Mountie has a dead screen with a cracked board so I figure an aftermarket radio isn't too bad.

Can anyone offer any suggestions on putting a simple aftermarket single DIN radio with a Midland 4001 cb in the stock radio location? The Midland is about 2 1/8" tall so I'm not sure if it will fit. Radio sizes are just under 2"

Also, is there a cheap way to hookup the rear seat entertainment to a cheap head unit?

With an aftermarket radio, if you have steering wheel controls, you will lose those along with the rear radio control. I know they make adapters so the steering wheel controls will still work but I am not sure about the rear radio control.

I went to the junk yard and bought a head unit from a 2000 Lincoln Continental. It was $14 and all the functions such as steering wheel controls, rear radio control, 6 disc changer, and factory subwoofer all still work. It doesn't have a cd player built in so if you don't have a 6 disc changer, you will not have a cd player. Even if I didn't have the disc changer, this would not bother me because I wired in a bluetooth aux input so I can play audio from my phone.

I would hide the CB in the Center console or glove box since it will not be used as often as the radio. If you don't have the information computer located under the Climate control, that could be a great place for the CB as well.

Here is the Lincoln Stereo