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CB Radio Install


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April 22, 2018
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Southwestern Pennsylvania
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2002 Ford Explorer XLT
So recently I just installed a cb into my 02 Ex. I wasn’t able to find very many threads on here about installing one but I believe I have a good write up.

The hood channel mount, coax cable, and antenna were ordered on Amazon with Prime. They all are Firestik brand.

I will post more pics of how I mounted everything and prices tomorrow.

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I'm interested. Do you have a writeup?

Yeah I kinda forgot about doing it but I will try to get a good one up.

Just the pics would be nice too.


First I loosened a fender bolt to bolt down the hood channel antenna mount.

After putting the coax and and antenna on I routed the coax cable as shown in the pictures to a hole just behind the brake booster.

Shown in the pictures is where the coax cable comes out inside the truck and after that I routed it under the carpet, behind the center console, then to the radio.

The radio bracket is screwed to the side of the console. I figured that would be a good place to put it and it really has worked out nicely.

The power for the radio comes from a plug underneath the center console tray that is plugged into a holder clip and doesn’t power anything. The 12v outlet is there as well. I slipped the wires into the plug and just bent them and zip tied them to the plug itself to stay in. I don’t have any pictures of that because I’d have to take my console tray out again and I don’t have time to do that but if someone wants pictures I will do it.

Looks great, thanks!

Did you tune the antenna with an SWR meter? Tuning the antenna is the most important thing you can do when installing any 2 way radio. I know some antenna manufacturers claim that their antennas are pre-tuned. Than is absolute garbage! That's like saying that your new tires are pre-balanced and don't need to be balanced. The Fire Stick II is a good antenna and it has a tuning tip on top to set the SWR. I just got a 2002 Explorer and am also a ham radio operator. I plan on turning my truck into a mobile comms center. I've been doing radio for almost 40 years and I am licensed by the FCC to work on all mobile emergency communications setups. I also worked for the State PD doing mobile radio setups in the trooper cars.

If you have any questions about any 2 way radio or scanner setup please feel free to contact me. There are some laws in some states that you need to be aware of when setting up mobile comms.


can you take pictures from underneath the center console?

Did you tune the antenna with an SWR meter? Tuning the antenna is the most important thing you can do when installing any 2 way radio.
X2! A good ground plane also helps...