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cculter's elite finally registry

I have finally decided it is time to make my elite registry. I have been a member of explorerforum for quite some time now and been elite since 04-26-2007.:thumbsup:
short history:
I bought my 1992 explorer sport in May 2003 from a family friend who went into the army and no longer had use for it, so his mom sold it to me for $3,200. There was only 76,000 miles on the ticker when I picked it up, completly stock.
About me:
Chris Culter
Flatrock, Mi
24 yrs old
I originally thought I wanted the lowered clean look. Later I realized it was too much work to keep it clean in Michigan, so I lifted it.
5.5" Superlift
33X12.5X15 TSL thornbirds
15X10 steel rims
4.10 TTB front axel W/ ARB air locker
4.10 rear W/ posi and disc brakes. (from a 98 explorer)
ARB air compressor W/ tire fill hose
Dual batteries
Ceramic coated brake pads
Warn manual hubs
fixed rocker panels
Future mods:
5.0 W/AOD
Superrunner steering system
2" or 3" body lift
Front bumper with winch
Rear bumper with swingout tire carrier
Here are some pictures.


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  • th_100_0978.jpg
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The afters look a ton better! :D Nice work so far. Where did you mount the compressor?

congrads on being elite the pics didnt work for me i dunno if its my computer or what.

Very nice. I would love to have the setup you have. :thumbsup:

Edit: Did you ever mount the chrome rims to it with the lift for kicks? That would be funny to see.

Thank you. I did mount them up, I didn't take any pictures though. It looked pretty funny, like those cars with hydros up all the way.

Nice lookin ex, rather see'em lifted then low and flashy :).