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CD Player error


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April 7, 2005
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Sport Trac 2002

I have a Ford Explorer Sport Trak and I'm having trouble with my CD player. It's a Pioneer 6 disc. I'm getting a CD Error message when I press on the CD button to play CDS. There is currently no cd in the player but when I press the load button i get the message: CD Error.
Can anyone help me? :mad:

I had the same problem. I took it back to the dealership and they replaced it free of charge. There is a defect in all of the cd players that came in the new Sports and Sport Tracs. Ford knows it and shouldn't have a problem replacing it.

USMAcadet2009-You are lucky to have received a new headunit for this.

Allybaba77- This error is for the CD itself, not for the headunit, typically. If you are trying to play CDRW's, or MP3's it will come up. If the CD's are MP3's on a CDR you will get the message. Normal ATRAC tracks are all this thing can play....

You were talking about the head unit? Or the changer? My mistake.....I was referring to the HU.