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CEL and weird running shakes


May 19, 2008
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'00 XLT
Just pulling out of my driveway and the CEL came on, and had some shaking to the truck. At first it felt like i had snow packed in a wheel and threw it off balance, but then i discovered it only did it under 1500 rpms. Like ill be going say 50 mph and it will be fine, as soon as it shifts down it starts the shake till it gets over 1.5k. Also at idle it sits there and shakes pretty bad and sputters as if it were a stroker, like if you go by the exhaust you can really tell, put put put put, you know. I popped the hood when i got home and the actual engine is shaking pretty bad, i know it never did that much before. Any help is much appreciated i have no idea what this is.

UPDATE- CEL is a misfire in cylinder 3

Now that i remember, i was going through some deep snow when this happened, so maybe a plug wire? coil?