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cell phone 'pro' installation

August 19, 2000
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98 XLT
I'm considering installing what Motorola calls their 'pro' installation handsfree kit. I'd like to try and make this work with/through the radio. I don't know if this is possible though. My stock radio has the phone/mute button. So, I have a few questions:
1) If you bought the ford installed phone kit, how does the audio/mute functionality work? Does the phone actually use the stereo speakers? Or does the radio just mute when the phone rings? What exactly does the phone button do?
2) I was looking at the wiring diagram for the ford phone installation, and it mentions something like the cellular transceiver box. Does anyone know exactly what this does? Do I need it? I don't have the diagrams in front of me here, so I can't speak about them directly. I haven't researched this too deeply, so I'm really not sure of the specifics.
3) Has anyone successfully accomplished what I'm thinking about doing? If so, what did you do? Did you use the stock radio?
4) Assuming I need the cellular transceiver box (or whatever it is called), is this something I'm going to have to get from Ford? Does Ford even make them anymore?


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The ford system will usually only work with the phone that comes with it when you buy the truck new with the option. The transceiver box was the unit that actually recieves and send the call while the phone is in the cradle. You did not say what year your truck is.
There is a company called PIE (Precision Interface Electronics that makes a system call Speakeasy that will work through the factory radio. There number is 1-800-526-8590 , web sight www.pie.net give them a try. I have there kit in my Explorer with a Star tac phone and love it.

sounds good!

I've got a 98 XLT.. sounds like the speakeasy interface is exactly what I need. How much does it cost? I can't find a whole bunch of info on the P.I.E. webpage. Sent an email requesting more info, but haven't heard back yet. Thanks for the info!

more info

Ok, I have a bit more info for anyone else interested in the SpeakEasy system from PIE. The actual PIE page is:

If you are interested in ordering it online, I found a distributor at:

(all three necessary)
Vehicle-to-System Adapter $17.95
Phone-to-System Adapter $15.95
Hands-Free Mobile Communications System $125.95

Hope this helps. I think I may go this route, as it seems incredibly painless, totally flexible, and not too expensive for an integrated setup.


There is a way to modify the phone to interface through the stereo! your stereo must have the phone mute button on it(which means 98(s) and up) and this modification i found to work only on fords! on the back of stereo theres a plug with approx. 20 pins plugged to stereo! the car kit supplies a ground to stereo thus resulting to "Phone mute"! additional slots were supplied for this function along with intergrated sound through vehicle speakers! i'm motorola tech whose company also specializes in car kit, mobile two-way radio installation! Do and have done a good amount of these in past 4 years in whats considered "ford country"(oklahoma) There is no modification to factory equipment resulting in warranty loss! you basically need about approx. 1 ft. cat 5 cable, 3 small gauge wires with very small pins, and some butt connectors! May consider making interface cable and instructions!
For more information you may contact me chaszcrowley@hotmail.com

I'm not sure what the '98+ radio is like, but I remember both my '94 & '97 radios having a mute wire in the harness that mutes the radio when the wire is essentially grounded. I didn't need extra equipment since my Nokia handsfree provided the ground to mute the radio. I thought that I'd through that out just in case it hasn't been thrown out before for the older radios.