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Center console interchangeability


February 9, 2015
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01 Sport Trac
I have a 01 sport trac with the center console that comes with a removable bag. Well the arm rest snapped at the hinge (what's new?) And I wanted to take this opportunity to find out what center consoles are interchangeable for us sport track folk.

Here is the types of consoles I've seen at the yards.

Long Consoles:

01-03 Explorer Sport/01-05 Sport Trac 'Long console' - FITS

95-01 Explorer/Mountaineer 'Long Console' - FITS

02+ Explorer/Mountaineer - DO NOT FIT

Short consoles:

95-01 Explorer/Mountaineer 'Short Console' - FITS

95-01 Explorer/01-03 Explorer Sport/01-05 Sport Trac 'Short Console' - FITS

Parts interchangeability:

Long Console Parts

Between the 1st and 2cnd consoles(Both fitting long consoles), everything is identical. The only difference is the cupholders which can easily be swapped out for one another. They are attached by clips. When using the 1st pictured cupholders, you do not use the small bins that are utilized in the 2cnd pictured in front of the cupholders. These are attached by clips aswell.

Consoles that have air vents in the rear utilize a different heater duct that can be found under the dash. They also have their own wiring harness attached for the fans and controls on the backside.

All long consoles utilize a similar base plate that is riveted in under the console itself. This base plate is not the same for short consoles.

Short Console Parts

The arm rest are identical from 91- 01 (Excluding material). Also the 4th pictured console can utilize two types of cupholders.


The Short consoles all utilize similar base plates that are riveted in under the console itself. The base plate is not the same for long consoles.

Write-ups and guides:
Bag style to short solid body style. (Short console 5 to 4 conversion)

Short to Long conversion

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the 01-03 Explorer Sport an 01-05 Sport Trac use the same short and long consoles either will work, the 95-01 Explorer/Mountaineer short and long consoles will also fit, the 02-up Explorer/Mountaineer are different and don't line up with the dash.

As for the 01-03/01-05 Sport/Sport Trac console if you want to use the rear AC you will also need the lower air duct on the bottom of the dash, as the short console trucks do not have it.

For the 95-01 Explorer/Mountaineer they will bolt right in but the AC ducting through the console is slightly different and would need slightly modified to work, but it can be done.

Look on and in the projects you will see console conversion to install long console.

Thank you for all the help, I will update the OP!