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Center Console latch problem


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February 23, 2011
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Marietta, GA
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2006 Explorer
Anybody have any insite on fixing the broken latch problem on the console cover other than spending a $100 to buy a new cover?

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Can you get a picture of it?

do you want a picture of the armrest (lid) on the center console or the actual broken latch?

latch or both?

Let's see the broken part for sure, and if any other pictures are of relevance then you can throw those in, too.

I'd like to see as well, since the center console latch on mine is broken as well.

how do I load pixs

I'm at a loss as to how to upload the pictures of the lid and latch - can anyone help?


repairing the broken latch

In the picture on the right (latch slide) the broken piece is the bowed curved arm in the lower LH corner. Does anyone have an idea on how to mend the plastic arm? The problem is the arm acts as a spring forcing the latch forward to lock the lid down. I've super glued it but the bond is not strong enough to handle the side force of the spring action. Without repairing the the arm on the latch the alternative is replacing the whole lid.

There is a number cast into the plastic, couldn't read it on your photo. Post/send it and I'll see what Ford has to say, but it's not promising.........

latch part no.

Latch: 6L2X-78045C74-A_P1A3

The latch and latch body have the same part no.

sorry to bring back an old thread. but my 2007 xlt had this same problem. i got tired of fighting with it and decided to try and fix it yesterday. once i took the screws out and saw that one of the plastic spring arms was broke i called the dealership for a replacement but they wanted 130$ for the whole lid.

i decided to try and fix it myself, after thinking about trying to melt the piece back on i realized it will just brake again. as i was thinking of what to do i saw a mechanical pencil sitting on the table with a metal clip on it, i went and got my dremel and the latch, i used the dremel to cut into the latch maybe about an inch and a half. took the clip off the pencil and slightly bent it so it would act as a spring, put the clip into the slot on the latch and put super glue all around it just to make sure it stays in place.

after the glue dried i put it all back together and now it works perfectly, if you would like pics to show the finished result just let me know and i'll go take a couple.

Broken latch here also.

Thanks for the hint on fixing it

Today here also broken latch.
2007 Explorer. Part #6L2X-78045C74-A_P1A10

Any solution?




Problem already solved! ;)

I removed the second latch also and used instead two 30mm (1.18 inch) springs.
Just installed the armrest and it works better than new! :thumbsup:

Remove these two small plastic walls:


Second latch removed and two springs added instead:

Nice solution! That looks FAR superior to what was there to begin with.

How did you secure them in place?

I was thinking about to secure them in place by srcewing a screw from the right side trough the plastic into the spring.
But it was not necessary. The springs are sitting with a little pressure, which is enough to secure them by themselves.
Just had luck to find the right springs at my first try! ;)

I hate how Ford really cheaped out on the Explorer's interior. But I still love my Explorer.


This fix is great, thanks for posting it! If you are looking for suitable springs, I went with these from McMaster-Carr and they worked perfectly:

9657K155 : Steel Compression Spring, Zinc-Plated 1 Spring-Tempered, 1.25" L,
.375" OD, .035" Wire, pack of 12 $6.58

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