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Center Console Options


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December 19, 2000
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So I pulled the center console out of my '91 auto that I'll be scrapping here shortly and put it in my '91 manual. LOVING it with one exception, cups in the cup holder don't allow for shifting thru 2nd and 4th gear. Curious, was there a manual trans specific console? I know my old '92 had like a roll up door cover deal for the coin holder which I always liked. Anyways, curious, what's your center console look like? I'm curious if there's a different front piece that possibly flips the cups a little further back to allow clearance for the cups and the shifter.

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In for an answer as well. I do the cup shuffle in mine. Left cup holder until I'm done with reverse, then switch to right for forward gears.

LOL, yes!!! And here I was worried I was possibly starting the lamest thread in EF history only to find out there's at least one other person out there with this issue. HAHAHA, so trivial but kind of annoying. I've only got maybe 50 miles on it now with the console in place and man, it's a bit of a pain... Granted, my elbow loves having someplace to rest now!!!

This isn't my vehicle, it's just a picture I found online but this is the console setup I currently have. Were there other styles available? Better yet, where there other styles that were the same with just that black plastic insert section that were changed up for better clearance by chance?


My boss would kill me if he found out but I'd almost be half tempted to bring it in, draw it up in cad, design my own and print one out on our plastic prototype machine!!! LOL I'd have a really hard time explaining what I was doing if I got caught though. LOL

Mine's identical. There are different inserts for the black section, I had the single cup and it still looked to be in the way. My truck was originally and auto so it was fine. I always thought there was an issue with my shifter (it has some other trans related symptoms) that allowed it to go down too far.

If you make one make sure to make two! :)

Get the up & down cup holder. It clips right in. Can find it on some 93-94 1st gens as well as 2nd gens with manuals & some rangers. Ebay should have them. Swapped mine a few years ago.

And off to the pick n pull I go! Thanks!

LOL, ditto...

That would work but they aren't very deep and I could see my feet/ankles getting wet and sticky :o

From experience the shifter addition of the cup holder will last 5 minutes with anything in it. 1st hard turn I did & the water bottle was at my feet in the driver foot well. Not good if it got behind the brake pedal.

I have a transfer case knob there that won't let that style work either. I'm gonna just keep my eye out for something like pictured above or someday if I'm feeling really nutty I'll make my own here at work. That would be kinda cool... Not sure how it would turn out, the plastic material our machine uses is kind of cream colored so I'd have to paint it which looks "okay" at best. The part itself would look legit, it's the paint part that would likely leave something to be desired.

Either way, it's better then no center console and no arm rest that's for sure!

sirhk -

I bought my '91 EX (manual xmission) brand new from the dealer in 91 (still my daily driver) and it had the 1-cup cupholder. When they made the new insert in mid-92, I spent the $14 to upgrade mine.

You're correct. You do have to swap cups in the cupholders to work 2nd and fourth gears. There is no difference in the auto/manual cup holder designs. Just something you have to live with.

Hope that helps.

Cool, thanks for the heads up! I appreciate it!

Glad to hear it's somewhat normal. I did find today that I installed my trans crossmember wrong. Putting it back in gave me a little bit of cup clearance!

I have manual transmission and also noticed the incorrect cup holder set up. I then suffered the broken arm-rest fate and rather than fix the original, opted for this console that I found on sale for $40: The material is cheap plastic and a bit on the flimsy side; however, the console itself is more spacious and practical. I had to cut some small vent holes in the back so that the in-floor rear vent is unobstructed. The console is also not permanently attached, allowing for all sorts of flexibility when cleaning or camping/sleeping in the truck.

Get the up & down cup holder. It clips right in. Can find it on some 93-94 1st gens as well as 2nd gens with manuals & some rangers. Ebay should have them. Swapped mine a few years ago.

I had the single cup holder first, then switched to the double holder (side by side) moved drinks etc.

Then I found a 95 sport with the cup holder pictured above, (I seem to have found more of these cupholders above in gen 2 sport models. Pretty much I knew which one I wanted and got it when I found it.

They snap in after a couple screws get removed... it was a pain to remove, but I didn't break it, and has worked great since. I painted mine black though.

Get the up & down cup holder. It clips right in. Can find it on some 93-94 1st gens as well as 2nd gens with manuals & some rangers. Ebay should have them. Swapped mine a few years ago.

That cupholder is available today from Ford - I just got one to upgrade my '93.